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Last days of The Wedding Special

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

We have just a little more time left on The Wedding Special.

The Wedding SpecialThis special offer – $300 for suits and $50 for shirts – will only last for a few more days. We were going to finish it tonight, but there have been so many of you asking that we have it run for another few days, I figure that we can find a way. But remember, that it’s for my wedding, so we can really only do this once!

So please get your orders in soon.

That’s just $300 for a custom-made suit… a suit that fits.

And it’s just $50 for a custom-made shirt.

… That’s cheaper than you’d pay for off-the-rack options. (No wonder this offer is popular.)

To create your design, please just select that fabric in our ordering interface – it should be right up the top – and customize your order as usual.

To make it easier for you, here is our gentlemen’s measurement page (pdf) and another for our ladies. Remember that as we don’t have a shopfront, we make it easy for you to head down to your local drycleaner or alterations store with this form. Just let them know that you’re having clothes made with us, and for a small fee (sometimes free even – other times perhaps $10), they can do your measurements for you. It will just take you 10 minutes or so.

And thanks very much for your best wishes. I really do appreciate it!

By the way, we’re working on a new way to choose fabrics more easily – it should be coming out in the next few days…

The Wedding Special

Monday, June 15th, 2009

I’m preparing to get married. And I haven’t done it before, so I am really celebrating!

My fiancee is from Shanghai, and we have built a wonderful relationship with some of the local suppliers. They offer suits that are much more affordable than even our regular range, and I wonder whether you might be interested in trying them out. We have had a small number of items made from them already, and I’m now willing to invite you to secure your own.

Now please know that we haven’t got everything quite as smooth as our regular range. We don’t even have photos of the fabrics on the website.

But, for only the next two weeks – that is until 30 June – you can:

Get a great suits for just $300 and shirts for just $50!

We are even throwing in Express Delivery for the regular price. Now, this only applies to the $300 suits and $50 shirts – we can only do this because I am physically in Shanghai right now! But if you want to speak with me, you can just call me on 02 8011 3727 and it will redirect straight to my mobile here.

As I said, we don’t have the pictures on the website – we don’t have the pictures at all! Instead, when you decide to order, we’ll work directly with you, so that we can create your new shirt or suit.

Contact us or use the recently improved interface and select “Wedding Special” and we’ll sort out the details. If you can tell me what sort of fabric you are after, we can find something suitable.