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Thin lapels on suits

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

I don’t like the current trend towards thinner lapels.

We can make them. They’re cheaper to produce… marginally as they just require a little less fabric. But the excuse for them given by some (that they’re to match the more fitted jacket styles) just doesn’t hold up.

They are a great marketing ploy by some high-end fashion labels to create a clear point of fashion differentiation, so that people can be identified as wearing a suit from “this year” and devaluing suits from “last season”. If you like a thinner lapel, go for it of course. Just include it in the special requests section.

I like working cuff buttons. All of my suits have this. I like the openness of the cuff that this offers.

I love ticket pockets. Catching the subway with a ticket pocket is so much more convenient for me.

Twin vents on a jacket tend to sit better for most of us. Though vent-free jackets also look great, I like the added range of movement that the double vents offers. Beware that if you’re wearing a suit that you didn’t buy from us, please make sure that you cut through the fabric holding the corners of the vents together!

The last suit that I had made was a one-button, peaked lapel with angled pockets. To me, this is about as cutting edge as I could find – and I love the effect… Especially as I have it made from a General Manager Collection, 14-2 black self herringbones, a gorgeous fabric!

We can make whatever fashions you can imagine, though I must encourage you: Please make sure that you’re doing it because you think it looks better, and not just because you want a suit that looks more expensive!