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On returning from Hong Kong’s Fashion Week and Saville Row

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

Jermyn Street and Saville Row - the home of British bespoke tailoringAfter spending a few days in Hong Kong, including their famous Fashion Week, before spending a further week exploring London, I am more proud than ever with what we are able to deliver. And while my time in Saville Row and Jermyn Street, the home of quality British bespoke tailoring was valuable and educational (and helps ensure that we can give you the absolute latest in European fashions), I also know that our quality is second to none.

Turnbull & AsserDon’t get me wrong – with the hallowed halls of Turnbull & Asser (tailors for royalty, powerbrokers, and the otherwise rich and or famous), Hilditch & Key, Charles Tyrwhitt, Thomas Pink and countless others literally all around, it was easy to be intimidated and awed by their impressive Hilditch & Keydoors, sturdy wooden coathangers and well trained staff.

Yet, with just a little exploration and discussion with the staff, it was clear that while these were places of excellence and quality, they are just stores. Their products are of a very high quality, yet they are still made in much the same way with very similar materials to what we are able to deliver at a tiny fraction of the price.

Where our friends on SavillSaville Row storee Row are selling their shirts off the rack for £75 (about $185) on special, our bespoke Egyptian Cotton shirts are selling for less than this every day. For example H&K make a big deal about how they can embroider your initials on your shirt – something that I take for granted in all of my shirts today.

They are excellent garments – so, if you’re a diplomat or Head of State, feel free to spend a fortune on a great shirt from Saville Row, though if you just want to look like and feel like a million dollars, and to get Canary Wharf - One Canada Squarepeople asking you “Where did you get that shirt?”, you can dress smarter when you buy from

I enjoyed the trip enormously! Start to order your shirt or suit now… before we raise the prices to better match our quality!