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Dress impeccably and they’ll notice you

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Your clothes are important.

When we wear clothes well, they make us look more of whatever we want to convey. If you want to look confident, strong and competent, dressing appropriately will communicate that more powerfully. If you want to appear creative, witty and cutting-edge, you can dress that way too.

But be careful of becoming a clothes rack…

Be wary of becoming a mobile coat hanger.

When you wear good clothes, people will compliment you. But what you really want is for people to notice you: You want them to see you as being even more by having the clothes augment who you are.

If you have spent much time people watching you will have noticed that there are people that can make the best outfit look terrible. Their posture or their mannerisms or their accessorizing transform a very reasonable wardrobe decision into a disaster. It’s not just keeping clothes cleaned and pressed – though that’s important too – it’s looking the part.

Dress sharp and they’ll notice your suit. Dress impeccably and they’ll notice you.
(To coin Coco Chanel)

So when you put on your clothes in the morning, give yourself a quick once-over, evaluating how you project yourself. Check that you look the part that you aspire to playing.

Oh – and here is a quick video story from Fortune talking about a similar quality of suit that we offer.