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Why should I wear custom made clothes?

Amazingly, some people still don’t appreciate the benefits of custom made clothing. If you are one of these poor people, allow me to explain:

Clothes are generally made for a range of standard sizes. These are based upon statistical norms and styling judgments by the manufacturer. That’s why an “Italian suit” will not only tend to be without vents and will also tend to feel more tightly fitted. BUT it’s not really fitted, it’s just smaller around the torso!

When you have your clothes personally made by you – by a storefront or retail tailor, or by your online tailor (us!), your clothes will be deliberately and specifically crafted to your specifications. When you permit us to clothe you, we will make your clothes so that they fit correctly all over – so that the arms are the right length, the back has the right amount of fabric and so that the style is precisely what you are looking for.

The great style icons have their clothes made for them. Not satisfied with the quality or fit of off-the-rack garments, they will tend to have garments made specifically for them. Most of us might consider having our clothes altered to fit us better, but it is only by having your garment tailored from the first stitch that it can really fit you just right. And, best of all, with Shirts and, you can not only have your garments made to fit you right, incorporating your personal style in every way, but we can deliver your order – whether it is one item or a whole new wardrobe – to you for about the same price that you are currently paying.

And just remember the story about the guy who learnt the hard way that having your own tailor is better than having a “brand name”!

Would you like to see some of our suit fabric and design options? What about some of our shirt fabric and design options?

Be well – dress well…