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For the better dresser

Being a well-dressed woman or gentleman is more than just having a great shirt and well tailored suits – it’s about personal style. While we don’t claim to be the world’s authority on style and class, we offer you a few ideas here that we hope will be interesting and useful for you.

And remember that 93% of all communciation is actually nonverbal – that means that most of what people think of you doesn’t come from what you say, but how you present yourself. And a big part of that is, of course, the clothes that you wear. Choosing clothes that compliment your style will tend to complement your words, amplify your impact and make you more more persuasive, charismatic and powerful. Your clothes – like your car and the way that you speak – make a big difference.

Your impression is our business… We believe that top quality clothing maketh the man and woman.