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What’s the big deal about custom tailoring?

Custom tailored clothing are far superior to off-the-rack garments – when you think about it, you know it already. Bill Clinton and Prince William don’t shop at a store – they have their clothes made for them. The trouble has been that only those gentlemen willing to pay US$300 per shirt and US$5000 per suit have been able to afford to enter that league. You might have heard stories about people going to Hong Kong or Singapore on business, and having a suit made up for next to nothing – the trouble is that you have to go there!

For those who are lucky enough to have enjoyed the privilege, the expense is more than justified. Even better than your favourite jeans, from the way the custom tailored shirt or suit flows with the form of your physique to allow for unmatched freedom and versatility, to having your shirts and suits modified to suit your personal style to the feeling of confidence and success that comes with knowing that you are worth it.