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Basic principles of style

May 17th, 2008

The well dressed gentleman or lady needs to remember but a few basic rules when choosing the right garments to add to their wardrobe, and what to wear on a given day. Firstly, wear clothes that reflect both how you are feeling, and what you want to communicate. That said, here are some ideas to consider.

You know many other benefits to wearing customized business shirts and suits – that’s probably why you are here. Some of the popular reasons include:

  1. Give shape, form, and customizations that most flatter your physique and facial features,
  2. Create an image to reflect the mood/atmosphere of any occasion,
  3. Develop versatility to integrate with the rest of your wardrobe,
  4. Personalize the finer details to design your own signature finishes.

In all, your clothing magnifies your personality, so that people listen even before you open your mouth, while the freedom, ease and comfort facilitate your self expression at the highest level.