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How can I customise my shirt?

There is a lot that we can do to make your shirt distinctively your own. From the smallest and most subtle finishes and customisations, to the most avant garde and sophisticated cuts – perfect for business or pleasure.

Here are some of our design options:

Shirt collar Normal Cuffs Short sleeves/ Cuffs
Spread English or regular cuffs
French (very spread) Palazzi or bevelled cuffs
Twin-button spread Twin-button cuff, bevelled
Three-button spread Straight French cuffs
Soft button down Curved French cuffs
Semi-rounded Palazzi or bevelled French cuffs
Tab Shirt front Covered
Soft hidden button down Placket
One-button Mandarin Plain
Two-button Mandarin Shirt back Flat
Wing (tuxedo style) Centre pleats
Banded collar with and without trim
(tuxedo style)
Twin pleats
Shirt bottom or tail Curved Collar rigidity Rigid/ formal
Straight Soft
Straight with notches Collar and cuff colour Matching
Pockets placement None White
Left Collar stay Removable
Right Non-removable
Both Monogramme style Block
Pocket style Rounded Cursive
Square Monogramme placement Left breast
Pointed Left cuff

There are so many different options for you. Once you log in, you can start to create your own designs.

We can create anything that you can imagine.