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Flower Loops

Check your buttonaire. Jackets have been coming with a button hole stitched into one or other lapel since we were threading a rope through them as protection against European rains.

But mostly these days we just use them for a flower. Well, in theory we do. But in reality: Rarely. If ever. When was the last time you wore a flower on your suit jacket?

“But,” you ask, “how do you keep the flower in place anyway?” And it was a problem so I’m glad you asked…

Flower LoopSome will debate whether they should be cut through at all or just left sitting there as a ‘design feature’ or something. But I like to use mine. Just like I like to have working cuff buttons. And to make it even more usable, I realized that I could put a little stitch of fabric just below the hole. That way, the flower will be held in place by its own weight!

You might be able to see the orange thread in the image above.

Now this little loop of fabric has to be stitched by hand – but it is the kind of detail that could really make a difference.

So it’s springtime and it’s so easy to do – I am updating all my suits now.

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