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All about suits for men

Men, the well dressed gentleman needs to remember but a few basic rules when choosing the right garments to add to his wardrobe, and what to wear on a given day. Firstly, though, he should remember to wear clothes that reflect both how he is feeling, and what he wants to communicate. Before the more detailed comments, some basic stuff:

  • Silhouette
    Choose a silhouette that matches your frame. If you are well-built, you can wear just about anything; the double breasted suit that buttons at the second button is very popular in politics today, though the three-button single breasted suit seems to be the most common in general businesswear. Look around and notice what you see most, and, more importantly, what you like.
    If you are heavier, accentuate vertical lines, if you are tall, accentuate horizontal lines. If you are shorter, be careful to keep the jacket short, lest your body seem cut in half, and look for a higher-buttoning jacket.
  • Colour
    All of the colours that we offer are suitable for suit wear. That said, the darker colours (especially the black and charcoal, navy and greys) tend to be most suitable for wearing in business, politics or in the law. Striped and checked suits are very popular and can be very stylish, though remember that a classic suit will tend to be more wearable for longer.
  • Vents
    Typically, one vent is an American style, two vents is British, while no vents is more commonly thought of as European. If you have a larger rear, vents will tend to reduce its impact. If wearing a double-breasted suit, a single vent is inappropriate.
  • Cuffs
    Tend to make the pants hang better through their added weight, though also tend to shorten the appearance of the leg. Men with longer legs should consider using cuffs, while stouter men would typically elect an uncuffed trouser. With pleatless pants, typically cuffs are omitted.
    Make sure that you show some cuff. While short sleeves might be cooler, the well-dressed suit wearer ensures that about 1cm shows beneath the cuff…
  • The length
    Trousers should break or fold over the front of the shoe, though this is not mandatory.

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