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Silk knots vs cufflinks

Black and white silk knot logsLast night I was asked about silk cufflinks by the CEO of a Gold Coast law firm. We don’t yet stock them, though they are one of the few innovations in the past few years. They are a great idea that works really well as a gift – partly because they can cost as little as $10 or so, compared with $500 for solid gold cufflinks. While we are looking to source them ourselves, from, £2.50 will get you some basic single colour ones while £4.50 will get you a set of multi-coloured logs. According to some, they are just as formal as solid cufflinks provided that they are colour coordinated; simple black or white silk knots being the most formal according to to another source.

What do you think? To me, they’re lovely though don’t quite compare to double-sided cufflinks…

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