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Welcome to our order area. To begin creating your next garment, please select a product from the list:

Garments for Gentlemen

Garments for Women
Custom made shirts


Well tied woven silk tie


Bespoke suit, custom made suit


We are currently reviewing our range of womenswear. We can still have your garments made in the meantime. Please contact us for details for your next blouse, skirt suit, pants suit and anything else that you may require.

NEW for 2010: Order fabric swatches

Though not currently listed, we can also make jackets and trousers separately, vests, overcoats and tuxedos.

Tip of today: You can customise a shirt to make a tuxedo shirt...

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Our order process is structured so that you choose your garment type first, followed by the fabric, then customise your order to suit precisely what you are looking for... Feel free to explore and experiment as much as you like.